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On 3rd October 2019 Hilda set out for a business trip to deliver her goods from Kampala to Mbarara. She was travelling in a Goods truck together with her driver and turn boy. Their journey started at about 10pm at night and around 5am at a place called Kyazzanga, there were involved in a Headon collision with a passenger bus and another truck. The Passenger bus was on very high speed and as it tried to overtake the one truck, there was a collision and the truck which carried Hilda tried to swerve and in that effort fell on one side to save themselves. The turn boy was not injured, while the driver had a head injury. The driver had no seat belt on. Unfortunately Hilda was badly crashed by the truck as it fell on her and she lost her right limb. All the 3 victims were conscious after the incident, while the bodaboda riders helped them reach out to the neared police post. The police truck came after about 30 mins to an hour after the incident and the victims were taken to Masaka Hospital. The victims paid for the fuel for the police truck. The victims were taken to the Masaka Hospital emergency unit, however, they spent an hour before receiving any treatment. At receiving treatment at the hospital all the sundries and supplies used were paid by the victim. Hilda was devastated as she was informed she was to lose her right limb, she had a head injury and several facial injuries and her left limb especially the fingers were numb. Hilda spent 1 day at the hospital and was referred to Kampala for further management.

Hilda was transferred to Mulago Hospital in Kampala in an ambulance that was personally fueled by her. While at Mulago Hospital Casualty, there was no treatment for one day and on day 2 she received treatment paid out of her pocket.  Later she was further referred to Kiruddu Hospital for further management and here she stayed for 3 months hospitalization at no cost. During the 3 month hospitalization, she was often dressed for her deep wounds, and was also operated on to enable her thigh get a piece to add to her amputated limb.

While at Kiruddu Hospital, she was introduced to an agency HOVITA that would help her with victim compensation from the insurance company…name… Hope for Victims for Traffic Accidents (HOVITA) was at the forefront to support victims of road crashes obtain their insurance compensations. HOVITA cared and counseled her, HOVITA traced the insurance company that was to compensate her. The process was not easy, it was quite tight save for HOVITAs support. She received 1 million Uganda shillings only as an insurance compensation and yet her costs were way over 13 million Ugshs. HOVITA also secured a lawyer to prepare for a law suit, and HOVITA supported her to get an artificial limb through the Uganda Insurers Association as a medical donation through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The limb will be executed by CORSU Hospital.

Hilda now lives in Senge Kayunga with her relatives and trying to survive with her 4 children. Hilda has challenges with her welfare. First she is a single mother raising 4 children, she has no job currently because she has no capital, however, if funds are available she can manage a retail shop. Hilda’s amutated arm was the arm that works and then her left arm and fingers are numb and very weak to support her. She lost friends and family as a result of her incident. She has also faced a lot of stigma from the community. Her mother has been a great source of counselling, love and care to her and the children. Her siblings support her children with school fees.

Her lessons for the others include: Never lose hope, Disability is no Inability. Trusting in God who has and knows all our plans. She is grateful to God for surviving death. She cautions all drivers and road users to be careful on the road not to over speed. She has a lot of stigma among people.

Justice for Road Crash Victims

When a person is injured because of the negligence of another party, personal injury lawyers may be retained by the victim. Many personal injury lawyers take accident cases on a contingency basis, which does not require a payment of legal services unless the case settles or the jury awards a verdict.

HOVITA sources legal aid from experienced lawyer for car crash injuries and will ensure that your legal defense will have knowledge about the types of injuries that can be experienced in a car accident and how this injuries and the circumstances will affect your potential compensation. These legal professionals have experience with what medical procedures are necessary as well as the long-term costs of therapy and other treatments that may be needed to fully recover.

Road Trauma counseling’s services

The aftermath of a road crash is devastating. We help bereaved families cope and build resilience through peer support, our local group network, befriending service and trauma support programmes. We also provide information guides on navigating the justice system and help with seeking fair compensation for bereaved families and seriously injured victims.

Talking to a befriender and connecting with others who have survived a similar loss can provide ideas for day to day coping strategies and glimpses of hope which can be practical in the extreme.

HOVITA is an accredited, professional source of emotional support, practical information, referral to other sources of help, and advocacy to help you during this difficult time. Find out more by contacting us today.