Report the incident at police and the 3rd party (insurer). Where possible, let the police visit the accident scene.
Reporting the accident starts off the claim process because all the other parties involved have specific roles to play. After giving notice insurer, you will be required to fill an accident report form .details in the form include.
  • Facts about the accident
  • Particulars of date ,nature and circumstances of the accident
  • Any other details the insurer may reasonably require in relation to the accident.
The accident victim/survivor if possible) or his /her representative presents the following documents to the insurer to claim:
  • Identification of the claimant;
  • Police accident report – it gives particulars of the vehicles involved ,drivers, owners ,insurers, victims, extent of injury, the party to blame, the insurance sticker among others.
  • The costs incurred in obtaining the police report are reimbursed by the insurance company and forms part of the total compensation.
  • Medical doctors report .this access the extent of incapacitation.
  • Receipts in respect of expenses incurred for treatment are also required.
  • Deceased identification
  • A police report
  • A post mortem report
  • Letter of administration /minutes of family meeting appointing the administrator/claimant
  • Any other relevant documents