Road Safety Advocacy & Education

Road traffic deaths and injuries are a major public health and development issue. More than 1.2 million people are killed, and up to 50 million are injured, every year. The vast majority of casualties occur in middle and low income countries.

HOVITA’s approach is our support for road safety programmes, projects, and initiatives designed for impact. We believe in activist, working closely with partners to build programmes. Through our partnership we enable dozens of national automobile clubs to advocate for safer roads and build new alliances with global organisations.

Road Crash Victims Support

The aftermath of a road crash is devastating. We help bereaved families cope and build resilience through peer support, our local group network, befriending service and trauma support programmes. We also provide information guides on navigating the justice system and help with seeking fair compensation for bereaved families and seriously injured victims.

Talking to a befriender and connecting with others who have survived a similar loss can provide ideas for day to day coping strategies and glimpses of hope which can be practical in the extreme.

HOVITA is an accredited, professional source of emotional support, practical information, referral to other sources of help, and advocacy to help you during this difficult time. Find out more by contacting us today.